Competition Team

Ages 7-18

It is our hope and our belief that by creating a competition dance team, we will also create more opportunities to give our students a sense of achievement, pride and accomplishment, expand their knowledge and love of dance, while increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem. Our program is focused on teaching proper dance technique, terminology and studying various styles of dance to become versatile dancers.  We hope to further that focus and build on our philosophy.   In addition to our current program, we hope to further encourage the development of life skills – commitment, discipline, dedication, determination, integrity, hard work, teamwork, work ethic, and responsibility through the challenges and experiences provided in a team setting. Our goal is for our competitive program to give students the opportunity to express themselves and grow in a positive, challenging and fun environment. Our most important objective is to instill confidence and a positive self-image as well as give our students a well-rounded dance education.

Competition Information

Competition Season is January to April

Each dancer must sign up for competition team class and at least one additional genre class.  It is up to you and your preferred time commitment.

Spring Team class times are-

Tues. 6:30-7:30 PM

Sat. 9:45-10:45 am

Competition Genres:

·         Jazz

·         Lyrical

·         Hip Hop

·         Tap

Each genre will learn their competition dance in the fall season and perform the dance at the December recital. They will then practice their routine and perfect it in the team technique classes.

Specialty Dances

Dancers can choose to compete in a specialty dance for an extra fee and practice times.

·         Solo

·         Duet

·         Trio

Class Commitment

Competition dancers are required to enroll in the team class as well as their preferred competition genre.

Ballet is STRONLGY suggested.

We ask that team member not miss more than 2 classes per semester.


Competition Tuition Outline

 Required Team Costs: $100 registration fee

Monthly Tuition-

Team Class and competitive genre(s)

·   Team Class and 1 Genre ($90)

·   Team Class and 2 Genres ($120)

·   Unlimited Classes ($150)

Costumes and Uniforms-

·   Recital Dances ($50 per class)

·   Team Jacket (est. $100)

·  Dance Shoes (est. $75 per year)

Competition Fee’s-

Group Routine’s

($50 per dance, per dancer, per competition)

Optional Fee’s-

·         Solo Dance ($120 Choreography fee and $100-$150 entry fee)

·         Duet Dance ($60 Choreography fee, and $ 50-$75 entry Fee)

·         Trio ($ 50 Choreography fee and $ 40-50 entry Fee)

Wait Before you Panic!!!

Fundraising is a huge part of a competition team. Each season you will have the opportunity to fundraise to cover expenses.




10 Reason to Join a Competition Team

1. You and your teammates will bring out the best in each other.

2. Teamwork will become your mantra

3. The skills you develop will help you for the rest of your life.

4.You’ll get the chance to serve your community.

5. You’ll get to keep dancing—and growing—after high school

6. You’ll have many “once in a lifetime” experiences.

7. You’ll learn how to be a role model.

8. You’ll see first hand that hard work pays off.

9. You’ll get serious adrenaline rushes. 

10. You’ll become part of a sisterhood