Daddy Daughter has become a tradition that many look forward to at Flatirons Dance and we want you to be a part of it this year! This special addition to our recitals is a chance for Dads and their daughters to perform together on stage.

If you are interested please view all details below or feel free to let us know if you have any questions! We hope to see all you Dads on the dance floor this Spring!

Daddy Daughter Dance – Recital 2019

Dancer must be already participating in our 2019 Recital-  They will only perform Daddy/Daughter at 1 Recital, either Thursday night or Friday Night . Both nights are performing the same dance and you can choice which rehearsal you attend.

– We must have 1 Dad per dancer- if availability does not make this possible an uncle, grandpa or close male family friend can be the dancer’s partner for this dance.

– Attendance to rehearsals: please look over the rehearsal schedule. Rehearsal time is limited and dancers and dads will do much better if they can attend all the rehearsals. We ask that couples do not miss more than 1 rehearsal and if possible please make ALL rehearsals.

– Costume: For the actual performance Dads will need to wear a suit , tie and nice shoes. Dancers will need to wear a nice dress and either ballet or jazz shoes.
The cost to do Daddy/Daughter Dance is $50 total. This includes dance practice and a corsage for each dancer. Please note- once registered these fees are non-refundable. So make sure you are ready to commit before registering.

Rehearsal Schedule:
There will be 6 in-studio rehearsals All in-studio rehearsals will be 45 minutes  long on Saturdays and Sundays at 3. You can choice which rehearsal you attend but will register for which night you perform.
March 9 and 10
March 16 and 17

March 23 and 24

April 6 and 7

April 13 and 14

April 20 dress rehearsal

Show April 25 and 26 at Arvada High School

How to Register:
In-studio or Online
$50 (per couple) will be due upon registration.